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Why mymily

Because everyday should be a family reunion!

We realize that most of us, regardless of living or not living with our family, have grown so distant with them owing to the pressure of earning or preparing to earn our livelihood.


Here is what mymily users have to say

  • Krishna raj sharma
    Dhruv Jadav

    "The Idea is unique and it is boon for not only those who are living away from the family but also for those who are living with the family but not able to connect"

  • Krishna raj sharma
    Shuba Anand,

    "I understand the concept of mymily and see the need for a family centric app. I find the platform pretty attractive and i like it right from my first interaction. The family tree feature is pretty exciting and I can't wait to have my entire family on board. I will definitely recommend mymily to everybody."


Is signing up to mymily free?

Yes, there’s no fee or charges associated with using this application. You can invite all your family members here and see your family tree grow.

Why should I join mymily?

We all are growing distant with our family because of our competitive and busy lifestyle. mymily allows you to invite your mom, dad, son, daughter, spouse, uncle, aunt, cousins and anyone from your family to one place and share intimate moments with the whole family securely.

What can I do on mymily?

On mymily you can see your family tree grow as more family members added in your family, you can share your journals and family stories or find the secret recipe of your Grandma here, albums right from your Great Grand Dad’s wedding till your son’s first day at school can get you all nostalgic, you can chat with your cousins, sisters and may be a plan a family trip together, stay updated of what everyone in your family is upto through the family feeds, and much more.

How can mymily make a difference in my life?

mymily strongly believes that one’s family is the very root of any person’s existence in a society and everyone deserves to stay closer to their family and share the most intimate moments of their lives with each other. Therefore, we want to provide a platform to all family lovers to come to mymily and never miss out on sharing all the moments with their family regardless of any geographical distance among the relatives.

Take the first step to reconnect with your family.

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