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Why a family tree?


Compilation of family history for the next generation

Having a family tree brings your family members together and can help strengthen the bond among generations. It’s important that a family is aware of previous generations’ genetics, personalities, important historical events and more.

Family Lineage

It is always a delight to see how a family name evolves over generations and spreads across the state, country or the world for that matter. You will be fascinated to see how your family name has evolved over time through a family tree - a visual representation of your family lineage.


A Timeline of stories

Every new branch of a family tree is the beginning of a new story in the timeline spread across family generations. It will be nothing less than a spiritual realization to see those stories playing out in front of your eyes through a family tree.

Know your roots

All of us should know where we come from and the need to be grounded to our roots is what gives us our identity. These roots can be better understood with a family tree and it is our responsibility towards our family to make everyone, including future generations, aware of our origin.


Do I have to pay to build a family tree?

It’s free! The joy of a family is priceless after all!

Where can I see my family tree?

You can see your family tree in the “Family” tab after you login.

How do I build my family tree?

After you are logged in, you will need to send invites to your family members via their email or phone numbers. They will be added to the tree when the sent invites are accepted and they have joined the platform.

Is there any limitation on the family tree size?

Absolutely not! Just go ahead and make the biggest family tree having all your awesome family members. Give yourself a chance to be proud of the roots of your family and where you belong!


Here is what mymily users have to say

  • Krishna raj sharma
    Dhruv Jadav

    "The Idea is unique and it is boon for not only those who are living away from the family but also for those who are living with the family but not able to connect"

  • Krishna raj sharma
    Shuba Anand,

    "I understand the concept of mymily and see the need for a family centric app. I find the platform pretty attractive and i like it right from my first interaction. The family tree feature is pretty exciting and I can't wait to have my entire family on board. I will definitely recommend mymily to everybody."

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