Why is an extended family important in life?


The modern environment is taking a dive towards micro families where children are encouraged to set up their own families after reaching a certain point in life. While this may have certain positive impacts on the childlike their sense of independence and a boost to their confidence levels, it can limit certain other aspects of their life as well. Therefore, there is a need for parents to not only encourage their children to be independent but also make them aware of certain cultural values. Only through a combined effort in part of both the parent and the child can we foster an environment that makes the best of both worlds.

Extended families are one of the core structures that make up any family’s identity and it is essential that the newer generation makes use of this valuable asset to the best of their abilities. There are various advantages that strong family background can provide to the child and this article shall list a few of them. However, certain philosophical aspects that come along with such strong ties can only be fostered with time and hence, are beyond the scope of this article. With that being said, let us now take a look at some of the advantages that an extended family has in store for us:

  • Bonding Together

This goes without saying. An extended family can provide a sense of belonging to the child and therefore, strengthen their confidence in the long run. It also becomes easier for the child to bond with others in general as they are exposed to various different niches throughout their childhood. This, in turn, helps them in building their own identity as they are empathetic towards different emotional states and can make an informed decision about the influences they want to pick up in life. At later stages, these bonds can, in turn, benefit the elderly as the child can take care of them once they grow up.

  • Cultural Identity

As discussed in the point above, a strong cultural understanding benefits the child in ways more than one. Not only are they able to foster friendships and relationships with ease later on in their lives it also makes it easier for them to settle in or feel comfortable when exposed to cultures other than their own. This ensures that they have an easier time moving up in life as they are able to easily settle in foreign environments without alienating themselves from society.

  • Stability

An extended family does not only provide a strong cultural identity to the child but also ensures stability in all sectors. Whether it's the child moving away from their town or city in search of better prospects or they are settling in with their own families, a strong bond between all family members ensure that they are always connected and are able to provide support to each other when in need. Such benefits are virtually nonexistent in micro families.

  • Crisis Management

With all that being said, one of the most important advantages that an extended family can provide is support during times of crisis. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one or a financial challenge of any sort, the extended family will always come together and solve the issue at hand. This symbiotic relationship between all the nodes is the key to a strong and sustainable future for all members of that family.

So there you have it! Having an extended family in modern times is definitely a challenge as members are constantly moving away from one another in search of better prospects. As technology has enabled such migrations to be possible, it has also opened up newer channels of communication that make it easier to keep in touch with these members that have migrated. One such platform is mymily, a social family app that makes it extremely easy to keep in touch with your family members and share your most intimate moments. It automatically creates your family tree and provides you with a dedicated space only for your family members where all of you can share pictures, videos and keep each other updated.

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Published on
6th Feb 2020


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