Why I Am Shifting Close To My Extended Family


We both, husband-wife, have been living in Delhi for more than 10 years now. We work here and we have made our own tiny home here only. Our son is close to 4 now. Being the child of a working couple, his life is little different than other children of his age group. Since last 3 years, he goes to a daycare which is there in my office only. He goes with me and comes back with me every day. We stay close all day and when I get free time during my office hours, I go and spend time with him.

A few months back, my husband and I decided to shift to a city which is close to my hometown (we both belong to the same place). There are many reasons why I love this idea despite, I have been living in Delhi since last many years. I like being here as the city has given me so much, my identity and my confidence the most. My son is also getting good exposure here, as the city is advance and progressive. However, I am shifting closer to my hometown and my extended family.

Living in a nuclear setup for three years, I have realized that we need our extended family. We need them to share our joys and sorrows. We need them to make celebrations more fun. And we need them to raise our kid as a better human being. That is why I have decided to move near to my hometown. However, I am not shifting with them. I am only going to the nearest city where I can work and can still live in a nuclear setup. But, they will be within reach of an hour's drive. It is different than living in a joint family. We shall be together but under different roofs.

There are following benefits you get when you live close to your hometown and to your extended family:

1. You get a better chance of interacting with your extended family members and get to know them better. As you live close, you get to attend every family function and festivity celebration.  It also makes kids more social and they learn to deal with different kinds of people within the family.

2. I believe kids living close to their grandparents become more empathetic individuals. They also learn qualities like obedience, sacrifice, selflessness, togetherness, sharing and caring. Kids never feel neglected and the parents can rely on grandparents to look after them if needed.

3. Festivals in India are more fun when celebrated in groups. With your family members, you get the feel of a grand gala where not everything is your duty. With a shared workload of festivities, you feel more gleeful and you fully enjoy the essence of the festival.

4. Not everywhere you wish to drag kids along as they feel bored and irritated when going to an unknown place. So, you can visit your extended family on weekends and leave kids with them. This alone time you can well utilize for doing outside duties like extensive shopping, attending musical events and yoga sessions.

5. Emotional support is much needed of today's fast life. We need people who can listen to our worries and anguish. We need family and family members to stand by us in difficult times. When you live close to your extended family, there are better chances of getting support from them. With living close, the bonding gets stronger and in times of crisis and happiness, all stand together.

6. Most of today's couples live in different cities or even in different countries, and their parents live alone in the hometown. They tend to meet rarely due to distance issue and parents feel alone and ignored this way. Living close to the parents gives you a chance to be present when they need you. In old age, they also need your affection, care, and support just like you give to your kids.

7. You still get your own space as you live in a separate house. But, at the same time, you are in easy access to them whenever there is a need. Either your family members can come to your place or you can be there without much delay.

Published on
8th May 2018

Shipra Trivedi

Shipra Trivedi is a working mother who is juggling between family and office with the support of her husband. Other then enjoying motherhood, she loves reading about culture, arts and contemporary issues.

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