What is mymily Journal and how to use it?


What is mymily Journal?

mymily journal - Share stories, daily updates, and thoughts with your whole family.

mymily journal is where you can write and share your experiences, stories and thoughts with your entire family.

Isn't it great if you can keep a journal of your grandma's secret cooking recipe or your grandpa's stories? Or if you can etch your nostalgic memories and thoughts whenever you want and leave it as your legacy for your family to see?

How to use mymily Journal?

Follow these steps to use mymily Journal:

  1. To start creating a Journal, click on ‘Journals’ from the mymily menu bar.
  2. Click on ‘Add Journal’ to create a new journal.
  3. Add journal details by filling in the name and details of the journal.
  4. Write down your memories or stories that you experienced and want to share.
  5. You can find all your collections of journals under the articles.
  6. You can share your journals with your family.

So this is how you can use mymily’s Journal feature to keep the memories and stories intact for yourself and for your family.

“Leave your legacies to inspire generations. Share your thoughts and wisdom with your entire family”.

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Published on
19th Mar 2018

Dhruv Jadav

Passionate about blogging and loves to make new friends and explore. Loves to sing and read books (sometimes).

What is mymily?

mymily is a family media platform that helps you to reconnect with your entire family where you can share, care and reminisce your family's intimate moments.

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