What is mymily? An exclusive platform that connects you to your ENTIRE family.


Family, is something that has been with us since we came to the world. Everything we do in our life is surrounded by our family. A family is our own world where we feel secure with people whom we can count on, whom we can blindly trust, share our problems and so on. Our life seems to be complete when we are with the family.

Isn’t it fascinating, the amount of happiness that we experience when we recall all the moments spent with our family? The fun, the chaos, the drama, endless gossips that make those get-togethers or any family function so special. We seem to forget all the hardships of our life when we are around our family. It is only laughter, lots of love and priceless moments. The value of those times could be ascertained by the very fact that we keep recalling and talking about those memories throughout our lives. Between all these emotions and experiences there is one thing that stands out about the family which is “Love & Togetherness” and this is what mymily is all about.

The core idea behind mymily is bringing the entire family together and we mean your ENTIRE family. It so happens in today's generation of the nuclear families or career commitments we only get to meet our entire family on an occasional basis or mostly at family functions that happen once in a blue-moon. But now with mymily, every day is a family reunion!

mymily is a family media platform where you can interact with all your family members, share, care and reminisce your family's intimate moments. You don't have to wait for the next family get together, family function, or any special occasion to be with your entire family. They are with you all the time in your virtual home, mymily.

With mymily, you can once again have all the good old endless family conversations and never miss those intimate family moments.

Suddenly recall a funny family incident? Share those stories with your whole family immediately with ease. Share your thoughts and stories in the family journal. With the unique feature of "family tree”, you can view your entire family heritage. Easily share how you are feeling or let your family know of some emergency with the Shout-out feature.

The best thing that a family can be is together and now with mymily you won’t be missing out on any intimate moments with your family and most importantly you will stay connected to them at all times.

To get started with mymily visit -www.mymily.com and sign-up or download mymily app Google play store  & iOS app store.

Published on
26th Feb 2018

Abhishek Singh Bhadouria

Abhishek, is a fun loving guy. Loves to hangout with friends and family. He currently write blogs for mymily. In his spare time, he loves to work out at the gym.

What is mymily?

mymily is a family media platform that helps you to reconnect with your entire family where you can share, care and reminisce your family's intimate moments.

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