What is mymily album? and how you can use it ? - Video Tutorial


Family photographs may seem not of much importance but honestly, they’re the most precious treasures that we will ever have. All those beautiful moments captured evokes sheer nostalgia. At times, it makes us laugh and at times it fills our eyes with tears. It is really an emotional experience, each time we look through those memories back in time.

Imagine your grandchildren looking at the pictures of you as a youngster caught on camera doing something silly? Or your children seeing your grandparents and reliving their legacy?

To save these never-ending memories and legacies we have created the mymily Album feature on our platform. Now you can preserve intact all of your family memories forever, relieve them at your will and share it with future generations as well.

How to use mymily album


Here’s how you can use mymily’s album:

  1. To start creating a Album, click on Albums from the mymily menu bar.

  2. Click on add icon (plus icon) to create a new Album.

  3. Input a name for your album and click on the add icon (plus icon) to select the pictures that you want to upload (multiple pictures can also be selected).

  4. Click on “Upload” to upload the pictures you have selected.

  5. Once your pictures have been uploaded, click on “No description added.” and add descriptions to the pictures. (optional)

And that is it! Now your family pictures are saved forever and you can relive and cherish those beautiful moments throughout your life on mymily’s album.

Start creating your family album now!

Published on
30th Mar 2018

Abhishek Singh Bhadouria

Abhishek, is a fun loving guy. Loves to hangout with friends and family. He currently write blogs for mymily. In his spare time, he loves to work out at the gym.

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