What family means in our life? - 5 Things that will make you love your family.


“A group of people who are related to each other, such as a mother, a father, and their children.”

That’s what the definition is in Cambridge dictionary. But think again, is this all a family means to you? Just having a mother, father, siblings?

No, right? I too thought so.

But what exactly a family is. What exactly it means to you. Everyday we leave among our mother, father, siblings and grandparents and sometimes we have ‘love hate’ relationship with them. Somethings we hate about our parents for their ironies and sometimes we hate our siblings grossing habits. Sometimes we hate our grandparents interference into personal matters. And when we hate them, we speak out straight onto their face. But when we love them we don’t openly speak out to them and express our love. So let’s see how our family loves us and things that they do for us and never make us realize that they do just for our betterment.

So here are 5 things that will make you love your family after reading this blog.

1. Teach you about being responsible

The first Lesson you might ever have learnt from your family is how to be responsible. These traits are inherited from your mother and father and your family environment. No school or University can teach you these things personally.

2. Family makes sure you have everything

Your family will make sure that you get all the things and comfort that they never got when they were of your age. Once you will realize these things. I am sure you will start respecting your family more than ever.

3. ‘You are the best’ kind of appreciation

In spite of you being aware of your performance in the exams or at work, your family will never miss out on appreciating you for little things that you do which, undoubtedly,helps to boost your motivation.

4. You're not alone

If you feel alone or left out or your friends are not hanging out with you or your girlfriend is not talking to you, the only thing can cheer you up at the moment of time is a call from one of your family members. Don’t believe me? Try yourself once.

5. Faith and Support in whatever you are doing

The only person who will support and have faith in you would be your family or parents. Your friends might call you crazy or your colleague might not support you for something which is important to you. But your family members will always be by your side no matter what.

I am sure that there might be many things that your family may have taught you or you might get to learn from your family. But I am sure that these things make family. A family and these are things that make you love and respect your family more and more. So if you have not yet called and talked to your family in a while, I suggest you to pick up your phone, call your family and let them know how much you love them right away.

Published on
7th Feb 2018

Dhruv Jadav

Passionate about blogging and loves to make new friends and explore. Loves to sing and read books (sometimes).

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