Things Indians Miss About India When They Live Abroad


Living in a foreign land requires you to adjust and start a new life which has a different culture. One has to deal with different rules and different social norms as well. No matter how good you’re doing abroad, you surely miss India and the things that are only exclusive to India.

India is diverse in culture and traditions  - such as festival celebrations regardless of religions or grand wedding celebrations.

Irrespective of the time period for which you have moved abroad - be it for a few years or permanently - you’ll definitely miss your home once in a while.

Here are 5 things every Indian misses when abroad:

1.  The people:

While India has the world’s second-largest population and the streets are always filled with people during peak hours, you might miss seeing this crowd abroad. And if you’re living in a European country, you’ll hardly see people on the streets. You’ll get tired of seeing cars zoom past you and might want to see people the way you saw them back home.

2.  The food:

When in India, you might love non-Indian cuisines such as Italian, Mexican, Thai or so on but a foreign land makes you miss your mom’s food and the special Indian delicacies found on the Indian street-side. You may try to replicate your mom’s recipe but will miss the essence and the distinct aroma that her food has.

3.  The lively sounds:

You’ll miss hearing the sounds of life back home. The calling of the vegetable seller, the multiple street vendors, and auto-rickshaws playing music on the top volume would all happen continuously every day. The local trash collector calling to collect garbage, your housekeeper venturing in and out of the house and the sound of the distant yet audible temple bells must have felt like noise then. But you tend to miss these sounds when you’re abroad.

4.  The festivals:

No matter how many get-togethers you may attend abroad, but there’s no way you can have the same fun as you did in India during your favourite Indian festivals.

The sound of the crackers, the colourful lights of Diwali, the festival of colours, your favourite sweets and the decorated markets are things that you’ll miss a lot. Festivals in India bring that “festive” mood among everyone be it home or your workplace. You’ll miss it a lot when you’re away during these festivals.

5.  The helping housekeepers:

There must be a time when you were annoyed at your housekeepers back at home for turning your white shirt into blue forever or just washing your favourite t-shirt the wrong way. But abroad, you are your only help if you haven’t hired a housekeeper. So you’re the one who does the dusting, cleaning, washing, cooking and of course other regular to-dos as well.

So these are a few things that most Indians miss when living abroad. Have you or your loved one living abroad missed any of these?

Published on
16th Jan 2020


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