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The changes that technology has brought in our lives is quite detectable. With so many innovations and advancements happening, there is an ever-rising figure in the mobile internet users in India. Currently, the estimated mobile internet users in India are about 130 million (Source: McKinsey and Company). These mobile internet users are expected to reach about 700 million-900 million by 2025. With low data tariffs and more people owning smartphones, technology surely is doing its wonders. Now people can connect easily with their loved ones. But are we really using technology to get closer to people who matter the most? We’re constantly looking at our phone screens be it at work, home or social gatherings. But how many times do we pick up our phones to contact our family?

In today’s busy schedule, we don’t necessarily find one another mutually available at the same time which makes it harder to stay connected. Although, there are many messaging apps and social networks to connect with each other but they all serve the larger audience that consists of everyone who is part of the platforms, thereby, making them less secure for families to share their intimate moments.

mymily, on the other hand, is built exclusively to stay connected with family in a personal space. All the families on this platform are exclusive to one another and no other can family can sneak into your intimate and personal moments and memories. It is that virtual home where you can still stay connected despite the distance.

You might have heard your mom or dad say how they are reluctant to share anything on social media and messengers because everyone including neighbours, friends and friends’ friends is part of those platforms. We’re sure you share the feeling too. mymily is meant to cater to exactly this reluctance where every family member feels comfortable sharing those cosy and intimate family moments - recipes, Daadi’s bedtime stories, family trips, group chats, shoutouts for celebratory moments, and so much more.

The mymily app lets you invite your family members and you can do many things with this platform. You can also create a family tree as big as possible depending on how far back can you trace your family lineage and share that info with the rest of the family and the next generations. You never know, maybe someday, with all the family trees on the application, you might find a long lost relative who you had no idea existed in the first place. This and a lot more is what mymily lets you do, with all your family members present in the same place. So no matter where you are and what you’re doing, you stay connected with your family through this app. After all, a well-connected family is always the healthiest and happiest family.

Published on
24th Oct 2019


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What is mymily?

mymily is a family media platform that helps you to reconnect with your entire family where you can share, care and reminisce your family's intimate moments.

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