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Shiny streets, sparkling clean houses, sweetness to share and time to meet the family- oh look here’s Diwali! That’s what an ideal Deepavali should be like, right? But for those not heading home this festive season, it must not be a very pleasant feeling. I’ve heard a few of my friends say they haven’t celebrated Diwali at home for over three years or more in a row! Now that surely makes us miss out on this dazzling festival of lights. This isn’t just a festival, but a feeling of togetherness that comes along with its celebration with the family. So while we’re away from home and miss out on the celebrations, there’s a family app which can help you be a part of Diwali celebrations with your family.

We understand that the sad emotions of not being home for Diwali are going to pour out, but not having even the slightest clue of what’s happening at home can be more overwhelming. We’re sure your family is also very much feeling your absence this Deepavali. With mymily, a family app, you can stay connected with your family despite the distance and is secure and private only for your family’s intimate moments.

Diwali Celebrations with Family Like Never Before

Diwali is a happening festival with family get-togethers, lightings and diyas all over the house, family feasts, guests coming over, crackers, and the list goes on. But away from home, we miss all the family moments of laughter and our favourite cousins visiting us. That’s where the mymily platform is a saviour where you and your family can reminisce the special moments. For instance, you may want to see your house getting decorated and see how the flowers look this year. With mymily, your family members can just share these pictures in the family feed and all your other family members on the platform can see them. Missing your mom’s special Diwali laddoos? You can ask her to share it as a journal. The journals can range from mom’s or Dadi’s recipes to Dadaji’s bedtime stories, sharing of family outings and every story or memory that you would want to preserve in the family for the coming generations as well.

Remember, when all the decorations and settings are done for the Deepavali evening and your house is finally ready to get lit with Deepavali lights? Imagine you get that notification on your phone! With the mymily shoutout feature, your family members can share any emergency or happy updates. This shoutout remains on the top of the family feed until you acknowledge it - which means you’re not going to miss out on such important highlights! You must also be wondering what each of your family members is wearing on the D-Day (pun intended). With mymily, your family members can upload their pictures on the family album and everyone in the family can see it! This would remove the process of everyone asking other family members to share photos from their phones. I bet, you wouldn’t feel more connected to your family during this Diwali celebrations despite being away from home.

So be it Deepavali or any other regular day, with mymily every day can be your family reunion. With this family app, you know that the only people present on the platform are your family and you can share your “just-family-things”. So spark up this festive season with your family using mymily.

mymily family wishes you and your family a very Prosperous and Happy Diwali.

Published on
28th Oct 2019


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