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Richa is a first-time mom and couldn’t stop adoring her 6 month old little bundle of joy. She is staying at home mom and enjoying her new role. Her 6 months old daughter makes sure to keep her on toes all time. She plays full child but sometimes doesn’t stop crying. The problem is when crying episodes start at midnight. Richa tried to calm her in all possible ways, but it couldn’t help. The baby was well-fed, well-rested but midnight crying episodes continued.

She visited the doctor, but couldn’t get an exact solution, as a baby was absolutely well on the health side. Being curious and protective parent she followed many parenting websites and groups to know more about baby care. Crying episodes made both the parents sit with a baby for the whole night.It went on until the time her grandparents shifted to live with them. The grandmother of a baby found that she is been covered with 2 blankets every night while sleeping. The baby was already wearing her rompers and blankets were unnecessary as outside weather was hot. Blankets were causing discomfort to her and she cried to express it.After removing the blankets baby started sleeping without crying during nights. Richa was surprised to know the simple reason behind the baby’s discomfort. She tried almost everything to calm baby and makes her sleep but it didn’t work out. The simple trick from grandmother helped baby to sleep peacefully.

Many parents like Richa need support while raising their kids. As when you have an experienced person by your side, many problems get solved easily. Living in the joint family gives the support system to parents. Actually, parenting needs lots of efforts, patience as well. If the efforts of raising a child are taken by many people it’s an icing on the cake. A house full of many people including parents, grandparents, uncle, aunts, and cousins is paradise definitely. It will help parents to raise happy children. If you live in a joint family with grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins there are many plus points. Let’s see some of the points as follows.

1. Love and care

Children need love and care from caregivers/ parents in their growth period.  Working mothers / Stay at home mothers can feel assured as the loved ones take care of the child. Growing kids have many questions and doubts, which need to be answered. If you are living in the joint family there are many people around them to take care of them. Also, they get more attention from parents, grandparents and other members of the family. (It avoids over burdening only one parent or both parents.) But make sure that kids don’t get over pampered by all the love and care from everyone around.

2. Supervision

Adult supervision is extremely necessary as children might get into wrong things, especially during their growth stage. If both the parents are working make sure someone from your family is there to monitor kids’ activities. If you have someone to monitor them ,kids will be safe and secure. That’s the reason many working parents prefer living in joint family.

3. Guidance

There are many instances when parents get anxious and worried. I remember I called my mother thousand times in a day when my kids were in their infancy. There were many reasons like; baby’s not eating, not taking milk, home remedies for common illness. I needed help to know many things about the kids. My mother always supported and helped me by her guidance. As grandparents have raised their children, they are well experienced to guide. Their advice/suggestions can help parents at every stage.

4. Learning

Kids learn many things by observing adults around them. While living in joint family, Kids learn to share, love and care for other members. Imbibing these values in them since childhood is really important. Also, the learning process is faster because they learn from many people around.

5. Time for parents

Parenting is a journey and at every stage there will be new challenges for the parents. But when you are living in a joint family, parents are less stressed and get time for themselves. As there are other members in the family to give time to children and address their needs.It’s fun to live in a big family but at the same time everyone should be careful enough to maintain healthy relationships as there might be conflicts because of opinion differences. If everyone in the family solves problems with mutual understanding it can be avoided.

Wish you all big happy family!

Author Bio:

Rupali the Mom blogger behind this blog. She also maintains 'TheHellomomy.com'. "Actually, my kids are the reason I started this blog" says Rupali. When she found it's difficult to remember many things about parenting, food, pregnancy, baby care, discipline, nutrition and what’s not.. she started noting down everything in her diary and eventually it turned into “Hellomomy”.

Published on
14th Mar 2018

Rupali Kadam

Rupali is the mom blogger behind this blog. She also maintains 'TheHellomomy.com'. "Actually my kids are the reason I started this blog" says Rupali.

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