How to sign up for mymily ? - A Video Tutorial


How to get started with mymily ?

mymily is a family platform which is one of a kind.The core idea of mymily revolve around integrating the whole family under single virtual space or say your virtual home for your real family. If you are here on the platform for the first time this blog is just for you.

With this blog, we want to  help and guide you in getting started with the platform. We have also added clips to showcase the sign up journey for a better understanding.

Well, It's simple & easy process !

Step by step guide -

  • Sign up :-

The first step starts with a sign up form, which consists of general details such as your name, e-mail address, your username and your password. If you are the first one to join mymily from your family, you would be called as “Family admin” for your family.Once you are done with sign up process, you would be required to fill in your gender, mobile number, date of birth and your profile photo as part of the next step.

  • Inviting your parents :-

The most important step is inviting your parents as this step will allow you to expand your family tree further in the later steps of mymily as a Family Admin.. To get started,  you have to invite your mother and father. In case your mother and father do not have email or mobile number, “Do Not Worry! We got you covered”. You can easily get them on board using your details to create their unique username and password for mymily. So once you are done with creating username and password your parents now they won’t require any email or other details to log in to the platform. They can easily access the platform with their own unique username and password created by you.

  • Inviting your siblings

Once you are done with on boarding your parents to the platform, now the turn comes of your siblings. You have to give the count of your siblings in the parents invite form itself so they can be invited later from your profile page. So once you have successfully enrolled for the platform now all you have to do is go to Home>profile>family> and start sending invites to your siblings. After they have accepted your invitation to the platform, you and all your siblings can share intimate moments and memories on mymily.

  • Inviting spouse and in-laws

If you’re married you can even add your spouse and in-laws to mymily. It’s simple ! Go to Home>Profile>Family> at the bottom of the page you will find “Are you married?”.If yes, click on it fill in the details and send invite to your spouse. When your spouse accepts the invite, he/she becomes the family admin of his/her primary family (your in-laws family) and respective family can be built similarly by your spouse. Your in-laws family is called “Your Secondary family” on mymily.

  • Inviting the kids

Last but not the least, you can now add your kids after adding your spouse. You go to  Home>Profile>Family>. Go to the bottom of the page fill in the details of your son/daughter and send the invitation. So once the invitation gets accepted, your children will also also be onboarded  to mymily as part of your family and you can see your family tree growing accordingly.

So this is how you add in all of your family member to the family media platform - mymily. Once you have your entire family on board we are very sure that your family will have a great time on the platform irrespective how far you guys are in the real world.

To get started with mymily visit and sign-up or download mymily appGoogle play store  & iOS app store.

Published on
14th Mar 2018

Abhishek Singh Bhadouria

Abhishek, is a fun loving guy. Loves to hangout with friends and family. He currently write blogs for mymily. In his spare time, he loves to work out at the gym.

What is mymily?

mymily is a family media platform that helps you to reconnect with your entire family where you can share, care and reminisce your family's intimate moments.

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