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By creating a family tree, you can get to know about your ancestors and your overall family lineage. It can take you back in time and let you connect with your awesome family members.

What is Family Tree?

A family tree is a visual chart that shows your family relationships in a traditional tree structure. This is a graphical depiction of the family hierarchy and contains basic details like names, photos of each member and their birth date and death date.

The basic steps to create a family tree:

1.  Collect information about your family members:

For this, you may want to contact your relatives and the elder members of your family to know about the family hierarchy. Your family members can go through old pictures, documents, videos or any other available sources. You can then use that information to build your family tree.

2.  Plan on how far to go:

You will have access to information specific up to only a certain generation in your family. So you need to decide how many generations you want to include in your chart. Depending on how far you can go, you can include your great grandparents and their siblings or their grandparents and their siblings and so on.

3.  Organize the data:

Make a draft of the information you have compiled.

4. Start drawing your family tree:

You can do this either on a chart using a pencil or paper and begin with yourself.

You can also do this virtually using the mymily app. For this, you’ll have to sign up on mymily (which is free) and create your profile. Your mymily profile will be created after signing up. Then all you need to do is go to My Family on mymily and the mymily Family Tree will appear.

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You will be able to see your profile and have a ‘+’ icon on your mymily profile. This will then let you add your parents, their parents, your spouse, your children and your grandparents as well.

You can add basic details like date of marriage, contact details and email. But these are optional and you can choose to add them later. The basic step is to just add the name and relation. You may choose to invite them through their email address and they’ll be added to your family tree given that they’re on the mymily platform.

It’s very easy to create a family tree using mymily and it’s free. So go back in time and trace your roots to discover about your ancestors. Create your awesome family lineage with mymily now.

Published on
9th Nov 2019


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