Family That Eats Together, Stays Together.



Seriously nothing comes to mind.


Wondering what are these statements? Well, when I sat down to write this article, I asked a simple question to some of my friends - ‘What is the fondest memory you have of a family dinner?’. And these are the exact few answers - verbatim, that I got. Funny how none of them could think of anything.

Funny because I have some really good and some not so good memories of conversations I have had with my family over our dining table. Not to miss out on some amazing food that my mom cooks for all of us and some of my cooking experiments that my family relishes - thankfully! Perks of living with your family when you are a twenty-year-old something, I guess.That reminds me of a recent dinner when all of us just could not stop laughing at a joke that my mother received on WhatsApp that morning. You know I was smiling more at the fact that my mother has finally learnt how to use WhatsApp, than the joke itself. And then there was the time when everyone sitting at the table had one particular topic going on in mind but nobody wanted to broach the subject. A tense situation, I tell you! And then it goes, bam! I pull the trigger and launch the bullet out in the open to start a war!All this - every time, every single time - was after a good meal; be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.

And as I write this, I suddenly have a thought - why do we humans tend to do or accept things which are good and which should be practised, only when left without any other option. I mean think of it - we all are so busy in our lives - dining table is actually that one place where everyone in the family gathers together in the day at least once - if only for having food.

And since everyone has an opinion about the food that is cooked, there is bound to be a conversation. You never know - that burning question or confusion in your mind which has been hurting badly might suddenly pop up during the conversation - and suddenly you realize, oh! My family is here to listen to me!.

Family meals are so much more than just the food. In an age where people are struggling to control their waistline simply for the lack of good food or the habit of having food alone with a T.V. - a simple meal with your close ones with genuine conversations can be so relaxing, mentally as well as physically. You are at least aware of what are you eating and home cooked meals are any day more nutritious than anything that you are going to get outside. Plus, you learn so many things with simple chats with your father or mother or an elder. And some of the best trip plans in my family have formed over a casual dinner.

I personally am someone who is used to watching television while having my food and can vouch for the fact that the days when my T.V. ain’t working - those are the days when I have enjoyed food the most - and that glitter in my mom’s eyes when I tell her - Mom! This is just so delicious! And those times when my dad tries to cook a meal and mom shoos him away - these simple and small moments are what really make your life worth it!

Make your family meals worth much more than the food whenever you get the chance. For people living alone - it will become all the more special. Oh! And don’t forget to fight with your sibling for that last bite of a super delicious brownie, that your mom has made!

After all - After a good dinner, one can forgive anybody - even one’s own relatives! And the family that eats together - stays and gets fat together!

Author Bio:

Hi, I am Deval - A Business Development head by profession and an artist otherwise.

My blog - The Happy Foods is a small attempt at putting together all the recipes and food that I enjoy at one place.

Published on
4th Apr 2018

Deval Nagrecha

Hi, I am Deval – A Business Development head by profession and an artist otherwise. My blog - The Happy Foods is a small attempt at putting together all the recipes and food that I enjoy at one place.

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