Family Activity Ideas: How Technology Can Help Bring Your Family Closer


With the new technology, today’s modern families have built a new norm.  So many things that we’ve never had before are at our fingertips. But with these advancements, we also have challenges that we’ve never had before. Is technology helpful in bringing your family together? Or is it actually pushing your family apart? With technology being an integral part of our lives, we can use it to bring our families together. It all depends on how we leverage technology to do so.

Here’s a list of things and activities that you can do with your family by making use of technology:

Movie time at home

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Enjoying a movie from the comfort of your own living room has its perks. Nobody to hush you when you talk, infinite loo-breaks without missing anything, an unlimited supply of your favourite homemade snacks – we could keep going. On top of that, if you can indulge in all of that with your family, what do you have to lose? Well, you would miss the amazing picture quality and sound experience that theatres offer. But the experience of watching movies at your own comfort with your family is unbeatable, isn’t it?

Groove together

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While listening to music on headphones and earphones has its own benefits, music, as an experience, was always intended to appeal communally. Hence, instead of plugging in your own individual headphones and earphones, we recommend using speakers to enjoy music. And if your family likes to sing, host a karaoke evening and hum away to your favourite tunes.  Now isn’t that stress relieving as well?

Prepare healthy meals

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Mealtimes with the family call for hearty conversations. There’s no time more important for it than now, in today’s fast-paced world. But, it’s not just about eating together, it is also important to eat healthy together. To stay at the top of your health and experience joyful times with your family, you need to be conscious about what you, and everybody else in your family, consume. A great way to start off is to get a juicer or a sandwich maker. Since these are mostly easy to use, you can even make your kids use them as well with your guidance.

Make family memories together

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Photographs never get old. And when it comes to family, taking family photos hold important for family memories. We click pictures with our families all the time, and we should ensure we’re doing it the best way. Since most of us own a smartphone today, capturing amazing moments with your family is just a tap away. With these smartphones, you can keep your precious family moments fresh forever. You can later have these pictures collated for a family album. So with a family media app like mymily, you can have only your family members see these albums. The best thing is that even if any of your family members are away, through this app, everyone can see these pictures any time in a few taps without having to carry the family album physically.

Game time with family

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Contrary to what you might expect, multiplayer games are a great way to spend quality time with your family. Once the learning curve for the new gamers has been overcome, you’ll find family members, young and old alike, looking forward to enthralling gaming sessions.

Get your family members to join and connect via mymily:

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While most of our family members today are present across various social media platforms, most of these platforms provide little or almost no privacy at all. As we wish to share different types of content with family and others, privacy becomes important. For others, we have social media to share our memories through posts.With a family media app like mymily, which is exclusively made for your family, you need not worry about privacy. With the mymily app, you can create your family’s private social media space and share those moments you’d only want to share with your family. This app lets you share photos, events and even shoutouts to let your family know any important updates. Additionally, with the family-tree feature, you can create your family lineage. So your kids can easily find out who their forefathers were and always remember them! Isn’t it a great way to keep your awesome family’s memories alive many generations down the line too?

So, while many of us complain about how technology is getting us distant from our family members but if used the right way, technology can bring our families together. Think about the old times when there were no smartphones and a few members of the family were far. So at least with the advancements in technology, it is just easier to stay in touch. Is there any other way you can think of where technology can bring families together?

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26th Sep 2019


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