9 Family Board Games Ideas for the Ultimate Fun


Every family has a daily set of activities and duties to carry out. But when everyone’s at home after a long day and needs to unwind, a family board game can add some fun and be a great way to bond.

The best thing about these board games is that one can play at the comfort of their own space without having to step out. There’s no doubt that a family game-time will be fully packed with entertainment and will also create lasting memories for your family.

Here are 9  family board games ideas which you can play and have fun together -

1.  Monopoly:

One of the best indoor board games of all time, a monopoly game is undoubtedly fun. It comes with a lot of chaos as everybody wants to get richer and own more property than their rivals.

In today’s technology-driven era, the updated version has an electronic bank machine, making the classic board game even more exciting in our jaded, times. This iconic game with trading and businesses can be fun to play with your family.

2.  Scrabble:

Want to be known as the ‘Wordsmith’ of the house? Then this game is the one that lets you explore your word bank. This classic game can also be a fun way to teach your kids new words. Rather than playing word games on your smartphones, you can play with your family which will also let you spend some quality time together.

Scrabble can also become a great vocabulary improvement exercise for kids without any compromise in the fun factor.

3.  Charades:

This game lets you and your family members channel out the inner actor in you. You can split into teams and then each member from the team can act out a movie or a TV show. You can also set a maximum time for your opponent team to guess the answer.

4.  UNO:

The bigger your family is, the merrier time you’re bound to have playing UNO. This card game is easy to play and brings that competitive spirit where every member of your family will want to be the first one to win.

5.  Carrom:

Does this game ever go old and boring? It’s probably one of the exciting board games to play where almost every age group of your family can participate. There’s the need to have that one perfect shot and that smell of the powder and the sound of the striker gliding across the board just gets you in the mood of competition. You can divide your family members into two groups and take turns to play.

6.  Jenga:

Jenga is perfect for both adults and children. The rules are pretty simple- you need to ensure that the tower of blocks doesn't tumble, and you need to be creative while doing so.

This is also a very fun family party game, where you ensure the tower doesn't fall and that is a worthy challenge!

7.  Bingo:

The goal in Bingo is to fill a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line on a gridded card which has a combination of different numbers. There’s an announcer who calls out random numbers one by one. You can ask a family member to announce these numbers. If the number called out matches on your card, you get to tick that off. You continue playing until one member of your family has covered any horizontal, diagonal or a vertical line of the five grid space that’s there on the bingo card.

Each of your family members will compete to be the first one to mark five consecutive squares on their card call out “Bingo”. You can make this game even more interesting by giving out prizes to the first three winners or so.

8.  Cards game:

There are multiple variants of games that you can try with playing cards. While some card games may be very complicated to be understood by your kids, you can play simpler ones like Go Fish, Crazy Eights or Rummy.

A game of cards can help your kids learn strategic thinking and can also make them put their memory into use. This is a fun and exciting game and can also help your kids learn simple mathematics as well!

9.  Ludo:

It is one of the most Indian board games one can play with their family. It has been popularly known as a family board game that families are always ready to play at any time - be it travelling in a train or bus or in a house’ living room.

This board game can either be played as individuals or teams. Most of these ludo boards when reversed also have snakes and ladders. So you can pick either side of the board and play with your family.

These are a few indoor family board games that you can play together at home. Be it a weekday or a weekend, choose any of these games to spend some quality time with your family. Which of these games would you want to play with them?

Published on
18th Nov 2019


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