7 Ways to Deal with Homesickness in College


When you move to a new city for your university or college, the initial period away from home can be difficult as you’re just adapting to a new environment. It’s also very normal to feel homesick as you’re not able to be with your family every day. But then it all goes back to the reason why you left home in the very first place - to achieve your life’s goals. Once you’re determined and focused on the reason for staying away from home, you’ll feel better. But while you’re away from your family, you'll miss them and at times the missing may get a little too much.

Here are a few tips on how you can deal with homesickness:

  • Don’t spend too much time in your room: You might feel tempted to treat your room as your little haven, but staying in too much can make you feel even worse. If you isolate yourself, your feelings will only get more intense as you’ll have more time to think about the things that you’re missing away from home.

    If you’re in a city, there must be plenty to explore. So why not organize a day trip with your friends? You can also participate in extracurricular activities of your college. This way you’ll meet like-minded people and you can keep yourself occupied.

    You can also choose to get a part-time job or become a member of your college’s social organizations. These things will enhance your overall personality and keep you active.

  • Bring home comforts: Whether it's your favorite teddy bear or a blanket that your mom gave you when you were ten, we all have things that cheer us up when we're not feeling our best. Make sure you get them when you're leaving home.If you're studying abroad or in a different city, these things are important as home comforts can extensively help with feelings of homesickness in college and while travelling. You need not feel shy for having cuddly toys in your bedroom; chances are that your flatmates have theirs hidden away somewhere in the room too.

  • Have a positive attitude: This undoubtedly is essential for you at all times. Having a positive attitude will help you combat homesickness in a major way. For this, you can plan things into your day that you enjoy doing and can look forward to. Whether it's socialising with friends or a nice hot bath or joining the gym or a yoga class, do something that interests you.

    Staying positive will also make you appear more friendly and you'll probably find it much easier to make new friends,  which can also help to keep away your feeling of homesick.Even then, if you are not feeling your best, don’t shy away from sharing your feelings with your friends and family. You would be surprised to see them with the ways to take your mind off the homesick feelings.

  • Address problems on time: The jump from school to university can be difficult to get your head around at first, and there's no shame in asking for help. If you're having any problems with your course or anything else, don't suffer in silence.Worrying about your studies or your finances will only make things worse if you’re longing for home. So it’s better to take steps to sort out any issues or get support as soon as they arise.You can also approach your lecturers directly else consult a counselor to discuss your problems.

  • Explore the new town/city: A new surrounding can make one feel even more homesick. So, a great idea is to explore the town or city you’ve moved in for your education. It’s important to know about the city or town so that in times of emergencies or any other requirements, you can have a clear idea of where to go.

    Moreover, every place has its beauty and speciality. You can go for walks, do some sight-seeing or even get involved in some volunteer work. This way, you can make the most out of your time in the new place adding to the new experiences

  • Keep in touch: You can stay connected with your family via phone calls, emails and different messaging apps as well. But if you’re looking for an exclusive app for your family, then you must try mymily. This app is made exclusively for connecting you with your family. As only your family members are present on this platform, you’ll feel more involved with things back home. 

    But keep in mind that you’re away from home to achieve your goals in the new place. So, communicate with your family, but communicate more with the people around you.

  • Stay healthy: A healthy body keeps your mind healthy too. You won’t feel low and would be active throughout the day to do things you would like to do.Well, these are just a few ways for one to deal with homesickness in college. If any other ways have helped you to get over your homesickness during your undergrad days, feel free to share them with us.

Published on
25th Oct 2019


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