7 Ways Kids Can Help Around the House


As parents, it is important that you impart some life skills to your kids other than providing them with care and things that they need. One of them is to motivate your kids to start helping around the house. And you can teach them this right from the time when they’re very young. If your kids learn simple tasks that they can do on their own, it will make them self-reliant and confident and you also get a pair of extra hands to help you out.

Here are 7 ways how your kid can help you around the house:

1.  Grocery Shopping:

Your children can help you out with grocery shopping. Ask your kids to choose what vegetables or fruits they would like to have and let them choose those themselves. If they pick something that is unhealthy, tell them why it’s not recommended. This will also boost their excitement for healthy food choices.

2.  Tidy-Up Their Room:

This can bring in a lot of self-discipline and help them stay organized. Make your kids keep their room clean at all times. Teach them to organize their toys and make their beds. Tell them to clean out the trash and teach the importance of throwing garbage in the trash can.

3.  Clean Table After Meal:

This chore is simple yet most important. This will make them follow hygiene at the dining table. Ask your kids to clean the table after every meal and put their plates in the sink.  You can also ask for help to pick any cookware and transport it back to the kitchen if possible.

4.  Fold Laundry:

Your children can help you to fold small clothes like socks, handkerchiefs, vests, under-garments and any small clothing. This way, they will feel involved and will develop the habit of folding laundry. You’ll also get some ease with the laundry which otherwise seems like a herculean task.

5.  Organize Their Toys:

Take time out with your kids each week to sort toys regularly. Let them have only those toys in their room for each week which they’ll be really using. For any toys that you see they haven’t used lately, you must stack them with their help in a big box to keep inside the cupboard or in the storeroom.

6.  Water the plants:

You can teach your children how to water the plants in the house and teach them the importance of those plants. This will not only ensure that your house is fresh but also make your kids love nature and feel responsible for it in the future.

7.  Help Cook Meals:

Your kids might not be old enough to cook a full-fledged meal. But they can help you with simpler tasks like washing, peeling any fruits or vegetables and helping you put anything back to its place in the kitchen.

These are a few ways your kids can lend a helping hand around the house. Depending on your kids’ age, you can start guiding them to do certain things on their own. This will not only make things a little easier for you but give your kids a head-start in learning real-life skills in the process.

Published on
8th Nov 2019


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