7 Easy Ways to Save Money on Family Trips


A family trip can be a great bonding experience for families and give everyone a chance to relax. This is the time when everyone’s away from their routines. The kids have no school and homework to do. Parents are away from their work and household responsibilities.

Whether you go on a family vacation every month, quarterly or yearly, not only can a budget family trip help you save bucks but also help plan the holiday in an organized manner. With the official holiday season around, you can follow certain tips to make your next family trip economic and enjoyable as well.

Here are seven ways to help you save money on your next family trip -

1. Book in advance:

Whether its flight tickets, hotel rooms or any other bookings that you need to make, planning and booking early always helps.

In India, the flight and hotel prices tend to rise during Dussehra and Diwali season. Also, the time during Christmas and New Year is when the ticket prices are skyrocketing. So if you have a family trip planned around this time, book your tickets in advance.

Last-minute flight bookings always tend to be expensive. Why pay more when you get the same facility at a lower cost? You can use the money elsewhere.

2.  Local experience:

Tourist attractions will cost you more as these places are where most people are already hooked. So if you get away from these attractions you can save a lot.

But if you put yourself in the shoes of a local rather than relying on those hiked up touristy places you can have a more authentic experience. You’ll get to know a little about the culture or language. This will help you travel to foreign places with lesser efforts.

3.  Look for a place with a kitchen:

Restaurant meals can easily add more bucks. What you can do is to find a place with a kitchen so that you can prepare meals on your own.  You can even get your kids involved to work as a team and have fun while you’re at it. But since you’re on a family vacation, instead of cooking all the meals, you can even go to a supermarket nearby to get stuff. Get some basic food to make breakfast or lunch like cereals and some snacks to munch on. This way, you’ll have food stocked with you all the time and you won’t have to keep looking for restaurants every time you or your family members are hungry. Moreover, ordering food from room service or hotel restaurants are generally overpriced as well. You can easily save a significant amount of money that way and also have an uninterrupted time exploring your destination.

4.  Save on extra car rental fees:

If you need to rent a car for your trip, avoid renting a car from the car rentals which are inside the airport as they are generally more expensive. If you’re travelling within India or outside India, you can use sites like Expedia to find a cheap rental.

5.  Choose your destination wisely:

Popular destinations will mostly be expensive. So why not consider a different place instead? The Maldives is a great place with beaches but if you’re looking for some unforgettable beaches and major savings, go to the Philippines.

6. Look for deals:

Many hotels, airlines and travel companies offer multiple discounts and offer on their websites, through newsletters, social media and mobile apps. You can sign up for their newsletters and get alerts straight in your inbox when any deals are launched. Websites like Skyscanner have deals on hotels, flight bookings and other bookings as well.

7.  Stay outside the city centre:

If you stay a little outside the centre of a city with all the tourist attractions, you can often save a lot of money. You can commute by taking public transit or travelling in to see the sites. The travel to the city centre via public transport can be more fun as you’ll get to explore the city as well. Moreover, staying away from the city will let you enjoy the peaceful night away from the city’s humdrum.

So these are a few tips that can help you save during your family vacation. Do let us know if you’d like to add any tips.

Published on
5th Nov 2019


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