6 Unique Indian Customs and Traditions that You’ll Find Nowhere


India is well known for its diversity in its culture and people. There are multiple unique Indian customs and traditions which one may not find anywhere else in the world. Most of these traditions have been followed through the ancient Indian scriptures and texts. And these have been dictating the way of life among the Indians for over thousands of years.

Here are 6 interesting Indian customs and traditions:

1.  Indian Folk Dances :

With so many diverse ethnic castes and groups, the traditional Indian dance has a lot of variety too. These forms of dance have originated from different parts of the country and represent the respective cultures from which they originate. The eight classified Indian classical dances which are also mentioned in the Hindu Sanskrit text are:

  • Bharat-Natyam from Tamil Nadu

  • Kathakali from KeralaKathak from North

  • West and Central India

  • Mohiniyattam from Kerala

  • Kuchipudi from Andhra Pradesh

  • Odissi from Odisha

  • Manipuri from Manipur

  • Sattriya from Assam

  • Garba and Dandia from Gujarat

2. Joint Family:

The concept of a joint family is where the entire family (parents, spouse, children and in some cases siblings, their spouse and kids) all live together. In India, there are many joint families and people prefer to live together with all of their immediate family members. This is mainly because of the harmonious nature of Indian society, and also it helps in handling pressure and stress.

3.  Arranged Marriage:

India has been practicing the concept of arranged marriage since the Vedic times. This is a practice which was followed by the Royal families to find a suitable match for the bride. Suitable matches would be invited for the bride where either the bride would choose her ideal husband or the matches would compete to win over the bride. Even today, the concept of arranged marriage still exists and is an important part of the Indian customs and traditions.

4. Indian Cuisines:

Indian cuisines not only represent the Indian culture but are the reason which makes India popular worldwide. India is famous for its spices and herbs and each region has its own way of cooking different cuisines which makes it more authentic compared to other regions preparing the same cuisine. There’s a signature food or ingredient that is specific to a region. The staple food however throughout India remains rice, whole-wheat and lentils. Gujarati, South Indian and Rajasthani cuisine mostly consist of vegetarian food. But Punjabi, North Indian and Bengali cuisines have many non-vegetarian dishes.

One interesting thing about the cuisines of Kashmir is that they’ve been influenced by foreign cooking styles from Central Asia, Persia and Afghanistan.

Despite the popularity of beef across the world, the Hindus consider cow as Holy and would consider it religiously a sin to kill them.

5.  Eating with hands:

While this may be something that not many people do, Indians enjoy their meals a lot more when they eat with their hands. While this is widely popular among South and East India, it’s not very common in North and West India. People in the North use spoons to have rice but use fingers to break down the bread. Eating with hands has a lot of benefits scientifically too. One is that the fingers act as heat receptors which prevents the mouth from burning when consuming hot food. Other than that, it also aids in digestion as one tends to eat slower when eating with hands.

6.  Languages:

When it comes to languages, India is linguistically very diverse as well. For official purposes, Hindi and English are widely spoken and recognized. The Indian constitution recognises 22 scheduled languages. These languages are written in 13 different scripts and have over 720 dialects. These dialects change with a few kilometres of travel in the state. With each dialect, people tend to have an accent of their native language in speaking other languages such as Hindi or English.

So while these are a few among the many special and distinctive customs and traditions that Indians have, no wonder India is a culturally rich country.

Published on
7th Nov 2019


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