5 Ways to Create Memorable Family Moments


A family is not just where you grow up but also the first place where you shape your personality. A family’s support and love give individuals the strength to overcome any battle. So it is important that the family bond remains strong.

So every now and then you and your family can try something fresh and different. You can do this by bringing in different ideas which will help create meaningful family moments.

Here are 5 ideas for you to create memorable moments with your family -

1.  Family Photoshoot:

This can never go old. You can schedule your family portrait session at a local studio. You can even pick a spot in the city which everyone in the family will enjoy. It can be a local park, a playground or even your own house.

You can also hire a photographer during your family vacation to capture candid moments. That way you won’t need to carry a selfie-stick and everyone will be in the frame.

2.  Family Nature Walk:

There are many hiking locations which can be a good day-out idea with your family. Not only will you get to experience nature but it will also rejuvenate everyone’s mood. Depending on everyone’s capacity to walk, you can select a place. Also, have everyone in the family wear comfortable shoes for the day.

3.  Family Sports Event:

This can be a very exciting family activity. It can teach your kids about playing by the rules and handling both winning and losing gracefully.

Based on your family dynamic and the interests of your kids, you can decide on the sports game. Will your family members like indoor or outdoor sports? Will they enjoy an adventure sport? You can go bowling, indoor climbing wall or even play any board game. Even just a walk outside can be fun and healthy. It will also involve teamwork and thus create family moments worth reminiscing while you're at it.

4.  Family Book Club:

For this, all your family members can pick a book every once in a while and read together. This will not only make reading fun but can also lead to meaningful discussions. You can have all your family members to be a part of it. If any uncles, cousins or other family members live in different places, you can invite them all.

Some book genre ideas that you can choose are mythology, history or even fiction. You can even consult your local bookstore and pick a suitable book.

5.  Treat Day for the Kids:

You can decide a day once in a week or two weeks where you let your kids plan the day. You can ask them the kind of food they want to have, the activity they want to do like a movie, or a game they want to play. You can then dedicate your day to them where they can have fun and do this every once in a while.

So these are a few ideas and ways through which you can create beautiful memorable moments with your family. Is there any other idea you’d like to add in the list?

Published on
29th Nov 2019


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