5 Ways Kids Can Bond With Grandparents:


Your kids may learn about history through various websites and resources. But the most authentic source to learn about the decades-old style of living is through their grandparents.

If your kids spend time with grandparents they also learn to have more favorable feelings towards all elderly people.

Here are some ways your kids can make a special bond with their grandparents:

Questions that bring nostalgia:

For example, how grandparents celebrated certain festivals growing up. Was there any unique tradition that they followed? What did his family do and what were the festival gatherings like? You never know your kid will find a tradition interesting and you can all recreate it together.

Stories in daily conversations:

While having meals or doing regular chores, make your kids ask their grandparents what they used to do as kids, what was their favorite meal or what they normally ate. This can let your kids learn new things as well and also understand how times were different back then.

Record a talk-show:

You can have your children create a list of questions to ask their grandparents. These questions can have things like favourite colour, movies, food, place and so on.

Next, they can ask these questions and record the entire conversation on your cell phone where the children ask those questions and the grandparents answer. Now isn’t that a perfect talk-show?

Have a grandkid-grandparent sleepover night:

For the sleepover, there can be a theme for the conversation like favourite things. While they’re all in their pyjamas, have your children and grandparents discuss their favourite sports or games. They can both discuss their best friends, favourite subjects at school and school-life experiences.

The best thing is if your kids and grandparents have a common interest for example like a board game, they can also start having their game nights.

Learning sessions:

Your kid’s grandparents might have certain hobbies and activities which they’re good at. This could be knitting, riding a bike, preparing a family recipe or even a task like fixing a nail on the door.

Your kids too can teach their grandparents stuff related to technology like playing a game online or using a new social media channel or an app that can be useful. While both of them get to learn a new skill, it will also bring back memories to each of them when they apply the skills they have learnt.

So these are a few ways your kids can spend time with their grandparents. Do you have other ideas to make your kids create that good bonding with their grandparents?

Published on
29th Nov 2019


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