4 Ways to Show Your Parents You Love Them


Parents have done a lot for us their entire lives. No matter how many friends we make or how many possessions we have in our lives, the bond that we have with our parents can’t be found anywhere else. We know that they’re the only ones who’ll love us unconditionally in our best and worst times.

Our parents are our well-wishers and want us to do our best every time be it personally or professionally. So our small acts of kindness can go a long way in expressing how much we care for them and in turn gives them tremendous happiness.

How to show you respect and love your parents? Here are 4 ways -

1. Participate in an activity your parents like:

There must be certain activities which highly interest your parents. It may be watching a game on TV, or going grocery shopping with them, tagging along for a morning jog, etc.

You can become a part of an activity they do regularly and show them your affection. Your parents will love doing the activity even more. They will appreciate the fact that you showed an interest and spent time to engage with them. This will create good memories for your parents and you’ll have a sense of fulfilment too.

2.  Talk about their life experiences:

Engaging in a conversation with your parents can make them feel excited to see their kids interested in their lives. Most of us tend to get busy with our own lives. Our parents have seen us grow and know our journey. But we might not know everything about our parents as we usually think we do.

Ask them what their life was like before they got married, the struggles they faced and their interests. You need to remember that your parents have a life too. You’ll know that their lives didn’t always revolve around you and your siblings before they started a family.

3.  Prepare a meal for them:

Your parents must have been cooking for you your entire life. Cooking a meal for them can be a simple yet powerful way to show your love for them. This can also give them the chance to take a night off that day.

You don’t even have to cook anything fancy. In fact, your meal might not be perfect but your parents will surely appreciate your efforts and the time you spent to make it.

4.  Go to religious places with them if they’re religious:

If your parents visit temples or attend religious services, one of the most thoughtful ways to show you love them is to attend these services together. Sharing your faith and worshiping with parents and your children is a very special thing to do. This gesture will surely be something they remember for a long time.

You can attend these spiritual meetings with your parents weekly if possible. You can even meditate together which will promote well-being for both you and your parents.

These are a few ways you can show your parents that you appreciate and love them. It is the actions or the little things that you do for them that matters. Make them feel that they’re the most important part of your lives just the way they’ve always done for you. Share what’s happening in your life and keep the bond strong.

Published on
16th Jan 2020


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