11 Fun Family Activities to do Together


A good time spent with the family can be a perfect therapy for all the members. It not only boosts everyone’s mood but also brings the family together. Doing an activity with the involvement of all the family members will also help strengthen the family bond and increase the interaction in your family.

Here are 11 fun family activities that you can do with your family -

1.  Go on a picnic:

A pleasant sunny day with the goodness of some vitamin D and your enthusiastic family members all geared up - sounds great right? This is the perfect excuse for the entire family to take a break and enjoy the outdoors.  The bigger the family, the merrier the outing is.

The games can be played and competed against bigger and more teams and thus, making it a lot more fun. There are multiple games like cricket, human foosball, badminton and many other fun family activities.

2.  Create your herb garden:

This is a fun activity to do and will also make your kids and other family members feel connected to nature. All you need is some plant pots, seeds, water, and soil to do this. The best part about this activity would be you along with your family reaping the fruits of the seeds you sowed, literally.

3.  Play any board game:

There are many interesting board games like ludo, carrom, twister and monopoly. Just select the game you think would be the most fun and can be played by everyone in the family.

4.  Involve your kids in preparing dinner:

This depends on your kids’ age. But if you live in a joint family, you can make this even more fun. The adults can divide themselves into groups with kids in each of those groups. The elder members can then guide the kids to prepare the meal and there can be a judge among the elders who gives the “best food award” with a prize to the kids. That will be like your family’s exclusive “Master Chef show”!

Before any child gets emotional about not making it to the winners’ list, give all of them a participation reward (and feel free to be creative about it) and cheer them up.

5.  Watch games and shows on TV with Family:

The Indian cricket fever runs in almost every Indian family. If there’s IPL or any other interesting Indian cricket match, you can add to the vibe by bringing jerseys for the entire family.

There are many other interesting sports like football, horse racing and more which can bring a lot of enthusiasm, feeling of togetherness and bring your family a lot closer. Some TV shows such as Kaun Banega Crorepati is one of the few shows that the whole family can watch and learn together.

6.  Go bowling:

Bowling never goes out of fashion for fun family time. Moreover, if you have a large family you’ll be occupying a large share of the bowling venue which will almost feel like you own that zone! That means an exclusive fun time for your family.

7.  Try a new cuisine:

There might be a few members of your family who follow a strict diet due to health reasons or as per the doctor’s advice and this idea may not be the best for them. But these days there are many eateries which offer organic food so your family can try new cuisines together.

8.  Treasure Hunt:

You can either play this fun game indoors or outdoors. The family can be divided into teams where each team takes turns to set clues across different places. The “seeker” team needs to reach each clue they find and figure out the next location. The fun part is where the seekers look for the clues and try to solve them.

9.  Go camping:

There are many camping places in India where you can go with your family. If you and your family love the idea of stargazing and want to feel closer to nature, camping is a great way. There are many resorts within a few kilometres of cities that offer camping where you can go over the weekend.

10.  Have a family movie night:

You can pick a movie which both the kids and the elders will enjoy watching together. Movies which show family bonding or adventure can be a great experience to watch for the entire family. Everyone will be going through similar emotions while watching the show. Now isn’t that a fun activity idea to bond with your family?

11.  Design a family artwork:

This involves creativity and will make the kids feel very enthusiastic about it. You can get a big chart paper or a canvas and make use of some paints and colours and create your family’s masterpiece! The entire process will have excitement and happiness involved for sure.

So these are a few fun activities that you can do with your family.

Which of these would you like to try with your family?

Published on
15th Nov 2019


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