Staying connected with all family members easily with mymily

About mymily

mymily is a family media where you* can live, store and re-live your family moments. It is a platform exclusively for you and your family to share, care and reminisce your intimate moments. It wouldn’t be wrong to say “a virtual home for your real family”.

*You can be a dad, a mom, a grandma, a grandpa, an aunt, an uncle, a sister, a brother and/or a cousin. This platform is for everyone in a family.

Why mymily

we are far apart

We realize that most of us, regardless of living or not living with our family, have grown so distant with them owing to the pressure of earning or preparing to earn our livelihood.

Locate your family member location with mymily
Precious family memories

We miss on important memories

Although there are so many social media at our disposal to store all the digital memories we want, we still tend to miss out on our private family memories. We don’t feel that coziness to share our sometimes “embarassing” and/or “proud” memories with our family anywhere and everywhere.

How long can you trace back to your family ancestral lineage?

To your great grandfather? To your great great grandfather? What if there was a recorded family tree for your future generations to always look back on their lineage and all the memories associated.

mymily family tree

What we can do on mymily

Well, everything that helps you come closer with your family
One to one chat
Posts and shoutouts
Family tree
Family Member Profiles
Custom Groups

and much more...

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