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Why mymily

In the modern age of nuclear families, family members are growing apart from each other and are barely aware of their roots and family heritage.

mymily - A Family Media App helps you bridge this gap and helps you connect with all your family members - your parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts.

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Here is what mymily users have to say

  • Krishna raj sharma
    Dhruv Jadav

    "The Idea is unique and it is boon for not only those who are living away from the family but also for those who are living with the family but not able to connect"

  • Krishna raj sharma
    Shuba Anand,

    "I understand the concept of mymily and see the need for a family centric app. I find the platform pretty attractive and i like it right from my first interaction. The family tree feature is pretty exciting and I can't wait to have my entire family on board. I will definitely recommend mymily to everybody."

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